Joining is easy – just fill out the online Membership form and the coordinator will get in touch to organise an hour-long timebank introduction where we talk about how things work, and show you around the software if you’ll be using it.

Hutt Timebank is welcoming and inclusive, with members of all ages and abilities. You can join individually, as a group/family, or organisation.
It’s important our members feel safe and supported, and we ask for two ‘referees’ we can call. Nothing fancy – just someone who knows you pretty well.

Do you know someone who’d like to join but they don’t use a computer? No problem – help them to fill out the application form, or call the coordinator on 021 0243 4953 to organise.

Hutt Timebank Potluck

Unsure you have something others will want? Often simple, practical, or unusual things are really in demand! Click here for examples of things people offer and request.